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  • approx. 2h
  • Recommended for children aged 4 years or older
  • Swiss German
Swiss Tour 2018 | Various Venues

A thrilling singalong musical

A Musical Fairy Tale by Andrew Bond

The earls of Burgenland train for the annual Castle tournament with dogged determination. At this year's games, Countess Waldegund von Niederlagen wants to beat Earl Günther von Siebensieg and his dragon Füffü once and for all. To be able to commit to the upcoming fight, the Countess starts looking for a nanny to attend to her two kids, Wentzel and Waltraud. Miss Mallow, a slightly sprawling and overly enthusiastic woman, applies for the job. But as it seems, Miss Mallow doesn't fit in with her new surroundings. The castle life is far from what she seems appropriate for the kids, something she's not afraid to point out.

When it appears that things couldn't get any crazier, the discovery of real-life dragons in the attic turns everything upside down as they breathe colourful fire to the life of an otherwise grey castle life.

This new and inspiring musical fairy-tale from Andrew Bond amazes the crowds once again with its ingenuity and fantasy. Accompanied by witty dialogues, a quick pace, and of course; enchanting songs – this is a thrilling singalong musical about winners, losers, explosive dragon force, fire, and fiction.