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Historical Context

The Director, Barlett Sher, duscusses the context of "The King and I"

At the time of our play, French forces and the British East India Company had already begun to colonise Siam’s biggest foes. The British occupied Singapore, Penang, portions of the Malay Peninsula and over half of Burma.  The French aggressively sought to lay claim to parts of Vietnam and Cambodia.

The King and his country are besieged: he will have to change very quickly and he is under great stress to change in order to protect his country and his people. He has to deal with the traditional values verses the modern values.

The King has to protect his course by finding out how to assimilate in the modernising world. The King is under almost unimaginable pressure to save his country from being colonised by Europe. A central issue in the play for the King is how to open up to Anna and the West without becoming colonised. So, we have warring traditional values versus industrialism and modernism.


11 years before our play, Mongkut, at age 47, ascends to the throne after 27 years of monastic life

Anna’s husband dies (she was married for 10 years)

Abraham Lincoln takes office as President of the United States. Queen Victoria’s beloved Albert passed away and she withdrew from public life for 13 years. She ruled from 1837 to 1901. Britain had the world’s biggest empire, largest navy and the most modern industries.

When Anna arrives in Siam – America was in the middle of the Civil War (which was April 12,1861 – May 9, 1865)

In the King’s Court in Siam, before Anna Leonowens arrives, women being taught English by Christian missionaries are not pleased with their sermons….so, the missionaries are no longer allowed to teach.

1862 – 1867
Anna is in Siam

Facts about the production

  • The iconic Shall We Dance dress costs £15,000, weighs 40LB, has several hoops and a circumference of 14 feet

  • The show features over 300 hundred costumes using over 2500 metres of fabric

  • There are 22,000 flowers on the flower hangers in the garden - each was made by hand 

  • The curtains have 500 books of Gold Leaf on the cloth, each book contains 25 sheets at 140mm x 140 mm so that is almost 250 square metres 

  • There are over one thousand metres of braid in this show 

  • There are over 45 wigs

  • The fans & singing bowls required in the show have had to travel 5870 miles as they are all sourced from Japan