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Theater 11 Zurich is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair users can use the regular main entrance. The wheelchair-accessible toilets are located in the lower foyer and in the upper foyer. For guests with reduced mobility, a lift is available to access the upper foyer. Rows 1-5 in the stalls are at ground level. The seats on the balcony are only accessible via a staircase from the upper foyer. Wheelchair bays can usually be booked directly with the respective organiser.

The team at Theater 11 Zurich will be happy to help you with any questions on site.

Car parking

There are two parking spaces for disabled guests on Birnbaumstrasse directly next to Theater 11. These cannot be reserved. Alternatively, the Theater 11 public car park can be used.

Hearing impairment

Theater 11 Zurich has an induction loop in the stalls. This means that people with hearing aids can use amplification and enjoy the performance to the fullest. The theater has around 400 seats in the stalls where this amplification can be used. The seats are located in the stalls in rows 10-12, 19-21 and 25-30, ensuring that tickets can be purchased in all categories.

Seating details

The width of the seats in Theatre 11 Zurich is 48 cm.