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Catering | musical.ch


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The Restaurant Theater 11 spoils you with a variety of delicacies before the performance. The staff are happy to take your reservations - simply contact them on +41 44 318 62 60.

On the upper floor you will find the Food Point for a simple, small snack with hot dishes. At the remaining bars in the theater foyer you can also enjoy sandwiches, snacks and drinks. The theater foyer is open one hour before the performance.

Interval wine reception:
In the interval, enjoy a small wine reception, incl. a drink in Restaurant Theater 11. Don't spend the interval waiting in a queue - make the most of pre-ordering.



You can enjoy a sandwich before the show or choose from a range of light snacks and drinks available from our bars. The bars open one hour before performances start.

The restaurants GRILL 25 and Brasserie Monsieur Verseau, our restaurant partners, are located at the Messeplatz square close to the theatre. The restaurant staff are happy to take reservations.

Reservation GRILL 25: +41 61 555 38 66
Reservation Brasserie Monsieur Verseau: +41 61 201 08 15



Whether you're organising a company anniversary, a business party or a customer event, invite your guests to enjoy our Show & Genuss offer at Musical Theater Basel or Theater 11 Zürich . Get your guests in the mood for a fantastic show with a dinner in our restaurant or gather them for an aperitif in the theatre foyer.