Due to the decision of the Federal Council following the Epidemic Law Article 6, events with more than 100 persons may not take place until and including 7 June 2020.

Reopening of all ticket outlets on 11 May:

For some events the 30-day return period for cancelled events has already expired due to the lockdown. Tickets purchased at ticket outlets can still be refunded at the advance booking offices until 31 May 2020.



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Freddy Burger Management

"We aim to offer you a bouquet of new ideas. Enrich your everyday life with fantastic entertainment or offer someone a special treat."

Freddy Burger, Owner Freddy Burger Management


The Company

Freddy Burger Management Group, run by its owner, has been active in the arts management industry for nearly 50 years as an organiser of cultural and entertainment events. The group is divided into three business divisions: FBM Entertainment, FBM Events and FBM Gastronomie.

FBM Entertainment focuses on organising musicals, shows, comedy and dance performances as well as concerts. Notable productions include Disney THE LION KING, WE WILL ROCK YOU, BLUE MAN GROUP, Béjart Ballet Lausanne and MARY POPPINS, to name just a few of the wide range of shows the group has put on in the past. In addition, Thunerseespiele belong to the portfolio. The team also manages Theater 11 Zürich and Musical Theater Basel.