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School Classes | WICKED | Theater 11 Zürich | musical.ch


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School Classes

Are you planning a school trip with your class? Visit Theater 11 Zürich and experience an evening full of fascination. This unique school trip enables you to catch a glimpse of the Swiss culture scene and of New York’s Broadway glamour.

We offer attractive fixed prices for school classes. Please contact show tickets ag for further information and bookings via the contact details below.

The musical WICKED looks at what happened in the Land of Oz from a different perspective. WICKED encourages you to look at things very differently by exploring the themes of friendship, trust, and tolerance, the use of propaganda and the manipulation of public opinion. The themes covered mirror that of everyday life, and the day to day emotions that are faced by your students: Friendship, prejudice, bullying and ambition.

Read the synopsis of the musical beforehand and prepare your students for the visit at the theatre!

ZVV-Zone 110 is included in the entrance ticket. Furthermore groups of 10 people or more get a 20% discount on the train journey and every 10th person travels free. For further information on the group tickets from SBB click here.

We look forward to welcoming you and your students in November or December at Theater 11 Zürich!