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CIRQUE DU SOLEIL takes great concern in Public Safety and Security and therefore kindly requests your cooperation. We suggest our customers to plan their arrival with time enough to undergo the Access Security Measures when entering the premises. Please be advised of the following:

Every individual entering the premises will be subject to a security control that could include (but may not be limited to) metal detection, personal search (possibly including pat-down), emptying the contents of pockets or purse, handbag interior inspections, etc. The entire area is under video surveillance.

Any luggage piece, briefcase, purse or bag of any size larger than a handbag will not be accepted into the premises. Also, no glass recipients, weapons, sticks, fireworks, cutlery, scissors and animals (but for Service Dogs)

Failure to comply with these or any other security measures deemed by Cirque du Soleil or the local Authorities will produce an immediate call to the police as well as access denial to the non-compliant individual. In this case, Cirque du Soleil does not acknowledge any sort of compensation or reimburse to the customer.