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  • approx. 2h
  • recommended for children aged 6 years or older
  • 22. - 27.01.2019 | Musical Theater Basel
  • 29.01. - 03.02.2019 | Theater 11 Zürich

The new show Chousensha

Captivating rhythms and sophisticated fashion design

They're a drumming legend! Wherever Yamato - the Drummers of Japan take the stage, they can count on the wholehearted enthusiasm of the audience. With irrepressible strength, incredible synchronicity, harmonious images and a refreshing dash of humour, the drumming virtuosos have been touring the world for over 20 years and have won the hearts of over 6 million spectators in more than 50 countries. With their new stage show, Chousensha, their success story continues with thundering drumbeats.

Life and its great challenges lie at the heart of Chousensha: the thrill of new adventures and the promise of long-held dreams. Together with the internationally celebrated star designer Kansai Yamamoto, the furious virtuosos celebrate the fusion of captivating rhythms and sophisticated fashion design. The costumes, as colourful as they are fanciful, blend with the full sound of their drums to create a breath-taking work of art.

Yamato - the Drummers of Japan: Experience this breath-taking combination of the art of traditional Asian drumming and the gripping beat of modern Japan.