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Where can I buy tickets?
Ticketcorner is our official ticketing-partner. 
Don't buy any tickets on other websites or from other retailers such as Viagogo or Vienna Ticket Office! 

Can I buy tickets at the box office?
If the performance isn’t sold out, you can also buy tickets at the box office. The box office usually opens 1 hour before the performance begins. 

Can I change my child’s/student’s/ senior’s (AHV) / IV ticket to an adult ticket?
Yes, you can pay the additional cost for an adult ticket at the box office. 

Where can I make a reservation for a group?
We are happy to take bookings for groups through show tickets ag:
+41 44 265 56 56 (Mon-Fri during office hours) 

Where can I reserve wheelchair bays?
We are happy to take bookings for wheelchair users through show tickets ag:
+41 44 265 56 56 (Mon-Fri during office hours)

What is the ticket insurance for?
The ticket insurance ensures that your ticket price is refunded if you are unable to attend the performance, for example, due to illness, cancellation or lateness of public transport or an accident/breakdown on your way to the performance. The ticket insurance costs CHF 3.00 per ticket. 

I am ill or otherwise unable to attend the performance. What are my options?
Tickets are strictly non-returnable. You can give the ticket to someone else or sell it on Ticketcorner’s ticket sale portal, fanSALE. Further information:

If you have bought ticket insurance, you can contact the insurance company. Depending on the reason for your inability to attend, you will be refunded the ticket price through your insurance. 

I have lost my ticket, what now?
Contact the place where you bought your ticket. A duplicate of your ticket can be issued. Admission to the theatre can only be granted with a valid ticket. 

Is there an option to book tickets including a hotel stay?
Our partners offer you attractive packages for the musical visit including overnight stay.

Where can I buy a voucher?
You can buy vouchers for all FBM performances at 

What can I spend my voucher on?
The vouchers are valid for all FBM performances.

How can I redeem my voucher?
If you would like to use the voucher to buy tickets for a performance, you can only do this by phone: +41 44 265 56 56 (Mon-Fri during office hours).

If ZVV Zone 110 (City of Zurich Public Transport) is included in my ticket for events in Zurich, is this valid for the whole day?
If ZVV Zone 110 (city of Zurich) is included in your ticket, this is valid for the whole day of the event. You can find out on your ticket whether Zone 110 is included.

Where do I find information about the language, duration and age recommendation for individual performances?
You will find information about the language, duration and age recommendation in the menu under “Info”.


FAQ Theater 11 Zürich & Musical Theater Basel

Can I pay by card at the bar or restaurant at Theater 11 Zürich and Musical Theater Basel?
In the Theater 11 Restaurant and at the foyer bars in Theater 11 and Musical Theater Basel, cash payment and all major credit cards are accepted.

Which payment methods can be used at the box office?
Cash payments are accepted at every event. Depending on the event, EC-cards, Postcards and all major credit cards are also accepted. 

Can I show my print@home ticket on my phone?
It’s best if you print out your print@home ticket. It is usually possible to show your print@home ticket on your phone, but this cannot always be guaranteed. You can also select the “Mobile Ticket” delivery method when buying your ticket, and then you can show it on your phone. 

How can I print my print@home ticket?
A new window displaying your print@home ticket will open up as soon as you have made payment. Now you just need to print out this document. At the same time, you will receive a confirmation sent by email that contains a link to the login area. After you have logged in using your personal password, you can retrieve the document again and print it out.

Are there age restrictions for entry into the theatre?
Children under the age of 3 are not admitted into performances at Theater 11 Zürich and Musical Theater Basel. Children under the age of 14 are only admitted into the theatres when accompanied by an adult (provided that the organiser does not communicate otherwise).

What catering facilities are there in the theatres?
Catering at Theater 11 Zürich
Catering at Musical Theater Basel 

Can you pre-order drinks for the interval?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to accept pre-orders at both theatres.

Am I allowed to take food and drink into the auditorium?
In principle, it is not permitted to bring your own drinks and food into the theater. Drinks in PET bottles and food purchased on site are allowed in the auditorium. Drinks purchased in glasses, glass bottles or cans must be emptied into cups at the auditorium entrance.

Is there a cloakroom?
There is a supervised cloakroom in both theatres, where personal belongings can be left for a fee.

Are there restrictions as to what I can bring in?
Bags, rucksacks and other items bigger DIN A4 as well as umbrellas may not be taken into the auditorium and must be checked in to the cloakroom at the owner’s expense. The staff’s instructions must be followed.

When does the theatre open before the performance?
The foyer and the box office are normally opened 1 hour before the performance starts, the auditorium 30 minutes before performance. There may be differing opening times.

What happens if I arrive at the theatre too late?
Our performances start on time whenever possible. Please arrive at the theatre in time. Late admission to the performance is normally possible. We must respect the guidelines of the production and show consideration for the participating artists and the other visitors, which is why there may be a wait before the next possible admission. In addition, you are not entitled to your booked seat until there is a potential interval in the performance. 

Are there seats which have a restricted view?
At Theater 11 Zürich, rows 1-3 on the balcony have a slightly restricted view due to the safety rail. At Musical Theater Basel, there are no seats with a restricted view. Depending on the stage set, there may be minimal restrictions from seats on the sides in both theatres.

Are the rows tiered?
At Theater 11 Zürich, the rows in the stalls are tiered from Row 6. At Musical Theater Basel, the rows in the stalls are tiered from Row 7. The rows on the balcony are tiered from the first row in both Theater 11 Zürich and Musical Theater Basel. 

Are the theatres accessible?
Theater 11 Zürich and Musical Theater Basel are wheelchair accessible. The regular main entrance can be used. The wheelchair accessible toilet is located in the lower foyer. At Theater 11 Zürich, there is a lift to get to the upper foyer for guests who are less mobile. The seats on the balcony, however, are only accessible via stairs from the upper foyer. At Musical Theater Basel, the upper foyer and the seats on the balcony are only accessible via stairs, there is no lift.

I have lost something in the theatre, what now?
If you have lost something at Theater 11 Zürich, get in touch here.
If you have lost something at Musical Theater Basel, get in touch here

Are sound recordings, photos and filming permitted during the performances?
For copyright reasons, sound recordings, photos and filming are prohibited in the auditorium before, during and after the performance (unless the organiser communicates otherwise). In case of infringement, theatre staff have the right to confiscate recording devices, mobile phones and cameras and withhold them until the end of the performance. In addition, photos and videos must be deleted in the presence of a theatre employee. Mobile phones must be switched off before the performance begins. Professional (video) cameras and tripods must be handed in to the cloakroom for a fee.

Where do I find information about how to get there / parking facilities?
You will find information about getting to Theater 11 Zürich here.
You will find information about getting to Musical Theater Basel here.

Is there WLAN in the theatres?
There is no public WLAN available.

Further information
Please also observe the house rules of the respective theatre during your visit.